Hello all! Meet Anyanka. She is sometimes referred to as Anya. Sometimes Aud. But mostly Anyanka, after the Buffy character who is mostly referred to as Anya in the show, but I just love the name Anyanka so that’s what I decided to name this stuffed animal!

This is the first stuffed animal that has been made for me –my grandmother used to sew me dolls when I was younger, but I’m going to count Anyanka as the first yarn craft made for me. I participated in a reddit swap between /r/knitting and /r/crochet about a year ago, and I asked for one of the Lydia Tresselt dolls that I have admired so much on ravelry, but since I haven’t crocheted since I was a kid, I didn’t venture into trying to crochet them or make up my own knitting pattern for the dolls yet. I thought that the swap was such a good idea, that I jumped on the idea and knit this for my swap partner:

ImageI really love the Sheldon pattern by Ruth Homrighaus and I had made the pattern once before when my niece was born, that I made it for my swap partner! Both of the Sheldon’s that I made turned out great and I was pleased with the pattern (it was the first time I knit in the round–go here for my project page).

The reason that I am showing Anyanka today is that I heard someone talking about watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer today and I started to miss watching the show. Last year I watched all of Buffy and Angel for the second time, showing the show to my girlfriend. It was great watching it again, and it was really fun watching it with someone else–the first time I watched the show by myself and I talked about it with my brother because he had watched it before, which was nice too. I’ve been slowly reading and collecting the Buffy and Angel comics after I watched Buffy and Angel for a second time with my girlfriend, but I still miss watching the show. I’ve been thinking about rewatching the series!


Anyanka is one of my favorite characters in the show, which is why I wanted to talk about Buffy today, but I also would love to make or have someone make more of the  Lydia Tresselt dolls so that I can name them all after Buffy characters!

I have pleasant memories of receiving the Anyanka doll in the mail as well. It was the day where my school had Julia Serano come and speak, and I had been working really hard planning and coordinating with her for the event. I got to hear about trans-feminism and intersectionality as well as get a really cute doll that is a bear all in one day!

Also speaking of Anyanka, the actress who played Anya was just in a movie I watched on netflix called TiMER. It was nice to see Emma Caulfield in another role and it was overall a pleasant movie. I would recommend watching it if you would like to see Buffy actors in other roles–somehow it just eases some of the melancholy of the show being over.

Here are a few more pictures of Anyanka! I like to pretend that when her hood is down she is in her demon form, and when her hood is up she is human (not sure why it’s like that since she looks more human with her hood off!)



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