Podcasts, Japanese Music and TV

Recently I have been consuming a lot of non-knitting related media. I have been particularly into podcasts, Japanese music and anime. Feel free to recommend any media to me that you think I would enjoy!


Podcasts have been really great to listen to when I have been knitting or driving, or even just brushing my teeth or browsing the internet. They have been great for me to fill the in-between spaces of daily life that can be tedious or tiresome, and it’s nice to listen to a back-log of podcasts and become familiar with a particular person (or persons) or topic.

Gilmore Guys has been a particular gem for me ever since I had the urge to rewatch Gilmore Girls recently, and it’s been a great companion to my watch-through of the show. I had heard about the Gilmore Guys show before, but had never looked into it until I realized how much I missed watching Gilmore Girls. It is a fantastic podcast, and I enjoy consuming more content about Gilmore Girls and learning more about the show from the hosts of the podcast as well as from special guests.

Dear Hank and John has been another podcast I have been listening to recently from Hank Green and John Green, the vlogbrothers on youtube. I have been following their main youtube channel for years and I have read John Green’s books in the past, but only recently have I been delving into their many related projects such as this podcast, as well as The Art Assignment and the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Dear Hank and John is a longer format than their youtube videos and I think it is more casual and an interesting interaction between Hank and John. It has been enjoyable to learn more about their thoughts on various topics as they answer listeners questions.

Multiamory is a podcast about different topics related to polyamory, as well as just great advice that applies to all different kinds of relationships. I have been listening to this podcast and learning a lot and thinking a lot about my own relationships (romantic or not). It’s been really interesting to think about topics that are often just assumed within romantic or even platonic relationships and to think about what I truly want for myself in all of my interpersonal relationships. Overall this is a great podcast to brush up on things such as communication skills and to become conscious and be mindful of different aspects of our relationships.


I go in and out of phases of really being into finding new music. Most of the time I am content with listening to Dir En Grey or Placebo, but recently I have been listening to a lot of Japanese music specifically. I am really interested in getting into Japanese shoegaze more, and I have been really feeling female vocals.

Mass of the Fermenting Dregs is a shoegaze band that I started listening to after they broke up in 2012. Recently there has been news that they have reformed, which is really exciting! I love their sound and vibe. The vocals are just cool, and their energy is easy to get caught up in. I look forward to listening to their new music!

Kinoko Teikoku is another great Japanese shoegaze band with great female vocals. Their sound is full of emotion, and even though I just started listening to them they have fast become a favorite. Their sound is very beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Every time I start listening to their albums eureka and Uzu ni Naru I seriously have a hard time stopping.

空想委員会 is a band that I have been really enjoying with an indie feel. I don’t know that much about them since it seems like most of their fans are Japanese. But almost everything I have heard from them has really jelled with me. I also really enjoy the artwork on their album covers. They are really easy to listen to with a relatively mainstream sound, but still very solid. 

フレデリック is a rock band that I haven’t heard too much from, but I have been really into the the song ‘oddloop’ and the accompanying music video. I believe the song is about a catchy tune playing in a loop in your mind, and the video is slightly weird (in a good way), but it definitely lives up to the title.


Alright so I don’t have too much to talk about in this section, but I have been in the mood to watch anime recently. I also suddenly realized that I missed watching Gilmore Girls, so I started re-watching it (I mentioned this in the Podcast section), and even though I recently watched the show I have been enjoying it just as much the second(ish) time around (besides all of the random episodes I watched of the show in syndication).

I finally got through the first season of Avatar to go on to watch the rest of the show for the first time and I am now on the last season of Korra. I have been thoroughly enjoying both shows and I now understand why people love them. For me, they are really funny and heavily character driven, which is my favorite part.

I recently finished watching the anime Shin Sekai Yori, which was really great. I liked the idea of the world (even though it is really terrible) and I liked the clothing in the show. The storyline was really interesting and I haven’t watched something I’ve been so invested in for a long time. I wasn’t ever sure where the storyline was going, which made it really interesting for me and worth a binge watch.

Erased just finished airing and is a kind of mystery thriller anime with some time-travel elements thrown in. I was definitely in the mood to watch a mystery drama, and I thoroughly enjoyed the watch-through of this anime. The main character was compelling and the the story was pretty solid as well. It was pretty short and a nice one season anime to watch.

Again, please feel free to recommend anything you think I would enjoy. Thanks for stopping by!




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