Stephen West Mystery KAL Shawls

Stephen West Mystery KAL Shawls

Every year I try to participate in the mystery shawl knit-a-long hosted by Stephen West. For the past three years I have become increasingly excited about the mystery of it all, as well as the amount of knitters also participating to share in the process. It’s been really fun to pick out what yarn to use as well as what colors, all without knowing what the finished product will look like. I have enjoyed the process of knitting all of these shawls as well—I find that Stephen West’s patterns are very pleasant to knit.

I recently decided to take some pictures of the shawls together, and I ended up taking some selfies as well on this warm and windy beach! I would also love to hear your experiences with Stephen West’s Mystery Shawl KALs in the comments! Happy knitting.

Color Craving:

Project Page:

Color Craving 4

Exploration Station:

Project Page:

Exploration Station 1

The Doodler:

Project Page:

The Doodler Shawl 1

All three together!

Stephen West Shawl's 1


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