A Sheldina Christmas

Hello Internet!

It’s been awhile. For most of 2016 I was in a massive knitting slump. I didn’t want to knit anything, and I never found the time or inspiration to pick it up. Amidst that feeling, I did end up knitting my niece another stuffed animal Sheldon for Christmas. I knit one for her before, and I knit the pattern again for a craft swap as well. And while I didn’t get any pictures before sending it off in a classic holiday rush, here are a few picture my mom sent me after she received the package.

I have knit this pattern twice before, but this time I had more of a grasp on how to knit in the round (the first time I knit Sheldon by Ruth Homrighaus was my first time knitting with DPNs! Oh how things have changed!) and I figured out how to knit the shell and attachment panel together according to the pattern (yay!) instead of knitting an icord and stitching it on after stitching the shell and attachment panel together first. I actually really love how this worked out, and I want to try it out on some of my own designs in the future (I am thinking about using this technique for Little Toastie).


I used the pattern Santa Hat–50823 by Brooke Higgins to add a Christmas-y touch. I sewed on some elastic re-purposed from an extra unusable fitted sheet to fit to Sheldon’s head. I made a pom-pom with my (fairly) new pom-pom makers from Lion Brand. I took off the biggest circle to make the size that I wanted, and I went to a blog called Myrtle and Eunice for a tutorial on how to use them.

The last touch I made was to put a crochet flower on the shell. Since I only have very basic knowledge of how to crochet, I found a video tutorial to follow. I used a size G crochet hook, and I just stitched the yellow center onto the shell directly. Here is the video:


This year my Christmas tree was decorated with Dr. Scarf as the tree topper, a pattern called Oatmeal the Snowman by Rachel Borello Carroll. I also had some bird ornaments I knit from handspun yarn, a pattern called Bluebird of Happiness by Sara Elizabeth Kellner. I think the tree really cheered up the room!


Now, believe it or not, I am off to knit another Sheldon for my girlfriend—this time in brown to look more like a snapping turtle because we recently encountered one on a walk! Happy Holidays!


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